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Updated: 2/19/2020
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  • Setting
  • Exposition
  • Introduction of Conflict
  • Most of the story Takes place in the Shadow forest. The Shadow forest is also known as the Forbidden forest and only comes "alive" eveyr 24 years when the shadow monster comes out to feast. It is dark and has a somewhat magical atmosphere.
  • Rising Action
  • Two siblings, Brian A and Victoria live alone in an apartment in New York. Brian Is about to send his little sister off to bed, when the house begin to rattle and shake. The shadow monster appears in their living room, where he gives his first request
  • Climax
  • Brian doesn't take him serious and ignores the requests. Victoria is abducted by the shadow monster, and Brian realizes that his sister is in danger and that it is up to him to save her.
  • Falling Action/Resolution
  • Brian follows the shadow monster to the shadow forest. he finds a troll, named Armeous. Armeous tells him about the amount of danger Victoria is in and guides Brian to the suns stone, and then to the shadow portal.
  • Brian Meets the Shadow monster at the portal and shines the sun stone at him. The shadow monster is blown to dust and Victoria is released.
  • Brian and Victoria find their way out of the Shadow forest and they vow to never speak of the experience. Before they walk off, Brian Takes another glimpse of the Shadow Forest to see that it no longer exists
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