smoking :(
Updated: 12/21/2020
smoking :(

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about smoking

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  • Stacy finds Tod sitting alone and begins a conversation and Tod tells stacy that he might start smoking
  • Hey Todhow have you been, i haven't seen you in forever!
  • Actually, "sigh" i have been thinking about smoking because all my friends are pushing me to do it, do you think i should? 
  • Smoking is really bad for you, it can get you very sick and you could possibly die
  • Stacy tells Tod that smoking is bad for you but he doesn't listen
  • I know but, i might become popular ! i am going to start smoking!
  • Is that you Tod?
  • Tod begins to smoke and becomes very sick
  • Stacy???
  • Stacy tells tod not to smoke
  • Tod then asks if stacy wants a cigarette
  • Tod begins to not listen and smoke
  • Tod goes to the doctors to only find that he only has a few years until he passes
  • So the tests came back and you only have 4 years left i am so sorry, do you have anyone that you would like to call?
  • Tod looks horrible and is sick with lung cancer
  • Stacy gets a call from Tod
  • Hey Stacie, its Tod I wanted to tell you that i am sorry for not listening to you, i only have 4 years until i am gone
  • Sorry i cant because i am meeting with some friends
  • Stacy says no to smoking and says that she is meeting with friends soon...
  • (coughs) Oh uh ok well i will see you later maybe we can smoke later huh
  • My old friend stacy, i should had listened to her ! now look at me :(
  • Tod tells stacy what is happening, and stacy says that she will spend as much time with him as possible
  • Oh my i will spend as much time with you as possible, i am so sorry to hear that , everything will be ok Tod
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