Hydrology Lesson 1 Properties of Water
Updated: 2/9/2021
Hydrology Lesson 1 Properties of Water

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  • Hydrology Lesson 1Properties of Water
  • Density of water Density of water is the total length of all the streams and rivers in a drainage basin split in half by the total area of the drainage basin. It is a measure of how well or how poorly a watershed is drained by stream channels
  • specific HeatSpecific Heat is the amount heat needed to raise the temperature a substance by Celsius.Water has a high specific heat capacity. Therefore it takes far more energy to increase the The heat of the water compared to other substances.
  • Cohesion and surface tension Cohesion is the force between the molecules in a liquid which are shared with all neighboring molecules. Surface tension is the surface of an liquid that allows it to resist any and allexternal force
  • Adhesion and capillary action Adhesion is when water molecules affect ad get affected by every other water molecule on earth and when water gets attracted to other substances. Capillary action is when liquid spontaneously rises or falls in a narrow space such as a test tune or a porous material.
  • Universal solventThe universal solvent is water becaue unlike most other liquds or substnces water is capeable of desolving more substances that any other liqud because of its abilty to become attracted to many diffrent types of molecules