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Different shots; atm; film; movies; extreme long shot
Updated: 10/2/2020
Different shots; atm; film; movies; extreme long shot
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Storyboard Description

Extreme long shot, long shot, medium shot, cut in,

Storyboard Text

  • Extreme Long Shot
  • Your dog died
  • Long Shot
  • Your dog died
  • Medium Shot
  • This is the establishing shot in the movie that is a long distance away from the subject. It is meant to introduce the setting and bring awareness to where they are.
  • Close Up
  • The long-shot includes the setting and the people's full bodies are shown. This is the action scene also known as the walk and talks. The long-shot does scale and scope.
  • Extreme Close Up
  • The medium shot connects the audience with the characters. The characters are framed from the waist up. You may see the background but the characters are more emphasized. This is the shot where the characters usually have their conversations.
  • Cut In
  • Your dog died!
  • For a close-up shot, the object is usually from shoulders up and is very close to the face. This shot is good to convey an emotion or for good reactions. There is no room for speculation when using this shot.
  • An extreme close up is used to zoom in on a specific object or feature, it is focused on what they want the audience to see. It is usually a mouth, nose, or eyes,
  • A cut in is when cuts away for a second to an image in order to give context to the story. This, however, is not a person, some examples are a clock phone, or letter. It shows what a person is doing or thinkings and can sometimes foreshadow.
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