The twelfth night
Updated: 2/1/2021
The twelfth night

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  • The Twelfth Night
  • We love you too
  • but the messenger is cute
  • They are eh
  • Orsino loves you
  • I hope she can not tell I am a women
  • He is so pranked!
  • She loves me!!!! She really loves me!!
  • I am alive!!
  • Oh no! Olivia loves me, but I love Orsino
  • You should challenge him
  • By William Shakespeare
  • Yay Cesario I love you.Also can someone get Malvolio some help.
  • I challenge you to a fight
  • sorjf
  • Stop Fighting
  • What is happening?!?!
  • After being shipwrecked, being the only known survivor, and lost Viola dresses up as a guy (Cesario) to be safer on this strange land. She then gets a job delivering love messages to Olivia.
  • I should have not told him to renew the fight!
  • Cesario!!! Let's go get married my love.
  • Sure, I guess.
  • Who are these people? Why did he fight me and why do they think I am Cesario.
  • I am a girl.
  • While Viola realizes that Olivia loves Cesario, Sebastian, Olivia's twin brother survived. Meanwhile, Maria decides to play a prank on Malvolio. She tells him to dress up crazy and Olivia will marry him.
  • Then we shall marry.
  • This is very confusing.
  • We will get married too!
  • I am Sebastian
  • I will get my revenge.
  • Toby convinces Sir Andrew to challenge Cesario to a duel and Olivia confesses her love to Cesario. Fortunately the Police stop the fight.
  • Toby mistakes Sebastian (Violas twin brother) as Cesario and tells Sir Andrews to fight him. Sebastian wins easily and then follows Olivia to be married.
  • Viola and Sebastian's true identities are revealed. Then Viola marries Cesario, Olivia is happily married to Sebastian and Maria marries Toby. Malvolio plans his revenge.