Wonderful Trip To Dubai
Updated: 1/4/2021
Wonderful Trip To Dubai

Storyboard Description

Me and my family are going to visit the UK for few days . This story board shows day 1 of the visit.

Storyboard Text

  • Once upon a time, lived a girl named Cinderella. She lived with her new stepmother and 2 stepsisters. At first she thought the stepmother and sisters were nice but they were not. They turned out to be cruel and mean! They would torture her badly, make her do chores. The stepsisters would make it difficult by making a mess when Cinderella was cleaning. She never complained!
  • Clean this room! Do the laundry! Take out the garbage! Sweep the floors!
  • Every day she did chores and became very sad but she was still very kind to the new evil family even with the way she was treated. One day the Prince invited all the women in the country to a Royal Ball to find out who should be married to him. But the evil stepmother would not allow Cinderella to go!
  • What a bad day!
  • HA HA HA!!!
  • When she got back home the magic had faded away. Without any one noticing she went back to being her old self. But next day the prince came looking for her with the glass slippers. When it fit her perfectly, he was overjoyed! The step mother and sisters were horrified!
  • Oh no! This cannot be true!!
  • Cinderella was crying in the garden after her step family left for the ball when suddenly a fairy Godmother appeared! She was shocked! The fairy godmother changed her dirty rags into a beautiful gown with glass slippers and a magic carriage! Off went Cinderella after thanking her godmother.
  • Remember! You have to be back before midnight which is when the magic will wear off! Have a great night dear.
  • YES!
  • When Cinderella arrived, the prince was fond and in love with Cinderella!! Meanwhile, the stepmother and sisters were getting suspicious. "She looks familiar and looks like Cinderella" said the stepmother. While Cinderella was dancing with the prince she lost track of time. When the clock struck 12, she quickly ran away leaving behind one of her glass slippers.
  • Who are you? Will you dance with me?
  • Oh no! I forgot!
  • The Prince took her back to the castle. They got married soon after and they lived happily ever after!
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