Parent Interview Story Board
Updated: 2/15/2021
Parent Interview Story Board

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  • When my mother was pregnant, my father was excited and took great care of my mother. He even stopped smoking during her pregnancy.
  • By the late 1990s, my sister was born. He changed from a man to a father, begins to take extra responsibility for the family, and so he changed his job from a truck driver to a local policeman.
  • I was born in 2003 with childhood asthma, my family provided the best treatment to me, and they took great care of me. My father quitted smoking permanently right away when I had asthma, and he even swore to the ancestors that he will not smoke again.
  • As time flows, I don't even know what is America, but all I know was that my parents decided to immigrate to America for our education. Thus, we came to America.
  • We found ourselves a new place to call home, and a new life in America. With all challenges such as the language barrier and cultural differences, we managed to settle down and prepare for tomorrow. My parents had to face a greater challenge, which is to find a job in America.
  • With my father's talents and experiences from the past, he managed to find a job as a construction worker from a small Chinese construction company, and thus, a brand new life in America begins.