Sentence parts
Updated: 3/31/2020
Sentence parts
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  • Look at all the nouns, or things, people, or places that I want!
  • They are all so gorgeous. Gorgeous is an adjective, which is a word that describes something.
  • Chad casually JUMPS in the air. Jump is a verb, which is an action.
  • She must be sad! She is a pronoun, which stands in for a noun.
  • Can't go OVER the mountain.Over is a preposition, which links a word to a noun.
  • The ninja quickly snuck to the top of the building! Quickly is an adverb, which describes a verb.
  • DNA is complicated, therefore so are we. Therefore is a conjunction, which joins words, clauses, and sentences!
  • YOOWWCCHH!!!! is an interjection, which is simply a short exclamation!
  • YOOWWCCHH!!!I exclaimed in pain after seeing she didn't reply to my text. :(
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