the scientists that helped form the atom
Updated: 1/23/2020
the scientists that helped form the atom
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  • I am Democritus a Greek philosopher from 460bc who discovered and named atoms by cutting cheese until it was too small
  • and I'm john Dalton an English chemist from 1808 and I just theorized that elements are made of atoms, atoms are spheres, and compounds are combined atoms but I can't grasp static electricity
  • I'm Michael Faraday an English chemist from 1830. I showed that atoms create electric charges and said that elements could form compounds because different charges attract one another
  • I'm JJ Thompson and I discovered electrons. I theorized that atoms were balls of positively charged matter with smaller negatively charged matter here and there and that the electrons could be removed to make a certain charged atom. Later this theory helped explain how atoms can become charged and create compounds .
  • I'm Ernest Rutherford, the man who discovered the nucleus. first, I shot some positively charged particles at a sheet of gold foil. I expected the particles to be a little bit off course by the gold atoms but instead most flew straight through and some even bounced back! therefor i concluded that atoms were mostly empty space, the nucleus is positively charged at the center of the atom, and finally that electrons orbit the nucleus. but I was stumped at the orbiting electrons because wouldn't they just eventually fall in?
  • I'm James Chadwick an english physicist who in 1932 discovered that neutrons in the nucleus.
  • And I'm Niels Bohr who after Rutherford in 1913 showed that electrons orbit the nucleus in specific energy cells and along with Chadwick put together almost all the pieces of the puzzle.
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