Adrian Bennett
Updated: 3/5/2021
Adrian Bennett

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  • seen one
  • Do you want to vape with me?
  • No what if we get caught?
  • seen two
  • That doesn't mater right now COLTON.
  • Yes it does we will get kicked out of school and it is illegal to vape at our age.
  • This is Rock Springs junior high.
  • seen three
  • Ya so what?!?!
  • Fine whatever!
  • Coltons best friend offers Colton to vape with him in the corner of the room.
  • seen four
  • What ever.
  • Fine but meet me near my locker later.
  • I mention what if we get caught by Mr. Stanford, but he says that doesn't mater, then I bing up future event that may happen.
  • seen five
  • Wait up!
  • He shoves Colton down to the floor making Colton angry.
  • Colton takes a break and tells his friend to meet him by the locker.