Updated: 2/13/2021

Storyboard Text

  • since the British came India has been through countless famine
  • After the treaty of Allahabad the EIC took over and made the tax higher and the peasents thought that the tax went to the mughals
  • During the rule of Mughal empire peasants use to pay tax of 10 to 15 percent of their harvest if the wheather is not right
  • the crops were never right and the money that was left they used for their own survival but due to high tax they didnt had that money left and in1670 the famine came and hitted many diffrent places many people lef the area but died due to starevation
  • since the famine came the EIC made taxcation even higher and dose who had less damage have to ay higher tax so the british tesary is fine
  • The british oddred the farmers to stop growing vegtables and cultivate indigo poppy and other produts that were so they could export it to brithish and the EIC gained much more profits in 1670 than they did in 1668