Oedipus the king 2 by Natalia Romero
Updated: 4/1/2020
Oedipus the king 2 by Natalia Romero
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  • You guys look like spoiled kids! What´s going on?
  • nooo... :(
  • Jocasta! Creon is attempting against me, accussing me of being the one who killed Laius because he wants to be the king! He dared to speak through the mouth of a prophet!!Im going to exile him
  • Nor do I beleive in everything that comes out from the mouth of a prophet. Years ago a prophecy said that my son would kill his father and marry me, but we left him to die and Laius was murdered by some men just before you came to Thebes. So the prophecies are not always fulfilled
  • Omg, in that case I think that I am the murderer. I´ve heard that prophecy before from a drunk man and he referred to me as the son...I also killed some men in my way to Thebes
  • My father is dead and I did not killed him...that means that maybe the prophecy is not true!
  • I am the messenger that came to tell you that your father, Polybus, is dead from disease
  • Wait! Polybus is not your real father, a shepherd gave you to me and I gave you to your father when you were a baby
  • I want to talk to that shepherd
  • Say what you have to say! Other way You will suffer the consecuences
  • So is all true...
  • The queen gave me his baby to get rid of him but I could not so I gave him to the messenger. IM SORRY!
  • She could not handle the pain... neither me, I am going to blind myself, I can´t keep seeing the reality of this world
  • You must go! I will become the king after all, so, liberate Thebes and go!
  • Oh god, I have the king´s obligations now :(
  • Take care of my daughters...
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