French Revolution
Updated: 3/2/2021
French Revolution

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  • WE DID IT!
  • JULY
  • He was a selfish king!
  • I am ruler now! Anyone who has intentions of harming us or our country shall be put to death
  • The Bastille fell into the control of the French people marking July 14th as a national holiday
  • How dare you serve my people sour wine! Off with her head!
  • In January of 1793 Louis was executed, this was only the beginning of the Terror
  • I was a great King who wanted nothing more then safety in our country
  • Why are you doing this to us? I just wanted what was best for us people
  • A fear of traitors and enemies had grown in France. Anyone who was thought to be helping Frances enemies was set to death. Robespierre was elected and became the leader of the Reign of Terror
  • Its much more peaceful around here now!
  • During the Reign of Terror more then 12 000 people were officially guillotined and many others were put to death in other ways
  • By mid 1794 people got tired of all the killing and the Terror died out. Robespierre and 21 of his supporters were executed
  • When the Terror was over the prisons were emptied and things in France started to calm down