Updated: 10/25/2020

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  • Calling to Adventure & Meeting their Mentor 
  • How can I help?
  • you have sadly been diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma. Your leg will need to be amputated 15 centimeters above the knee.
  • Crossing the Threshold
  • Slow down!
  • Trials and Failures
  • You fought good
  • I though I was doing okay... what happened?
  • When he is diagnosed with cancer he decides that something needs to be done, so he starts his journey. To help other cancer patients by raising money and giving them more comfortability. But Terry knows cancer is not the worry since of his healing ability.
  • Death/Rebirth/Revelation
  • When he starts his run this is when his life completely changes. He came from living a normal life playing sports and going to school, to running extremely long distances and conditions and living out of a van. But thanks to his ability to shapeshift this is no problem for Terry. People would watch him run and cheer him on for fighting for cancer. He ran across Canada 100 times!
  • Atonement/ Gets Gifts
  • At the beginning of his journey he would run all across Canada while overcoming cancer , but thanks to his super abilities he is good. Terry was doing really good. But all a sudden his ability to heal was not working and things were getting bad so he had to stop running.
  • Returns Changed
  • Terry fought for us, so let's fight for him!
  • Terry really wanted to make sure the world knew that they should help fight cancer too. So he used his mind controlling powers to make sure the world knew. And now there is a lot of awareness and people are fighting for those with cancer.
  • Terry Fox has gotten a lot of acknowledgement since he got awards like the Lou Marsh Trophy and many schools, institutions and Landmarks named in his honour and show awareness for him. And he has raised lots of money such as the annual Terry Fox run has raised more than $800 million and just the Marathon Of Hope raised$ 24 million by February 1981.
  • He knows he has done so much into research of cancer and even though he dies he still knows he helped and brought awareness to cancer so much.
  • Yea!
  • Woohoo!!
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