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oj cace
Updated: 11/15/2020
oj cace
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  • when Mrs. Wolf takes oj
  • no won will know it's me.
  • when Mr.slokem comes to school
  • where is oj because the only won here is sunny D.
  • kid finding out oj is missing
  • when Mrs. Wolf got mad she stole orang Julius from Mr.Slocum se went in his room and stole she orang Julius because she dose not like him she think he is annoying!!
  • kids trying to find oj
  • (did ennywon see oj) (nope not yet) (no havent seen him)
  • im thinking a teacher like mrs.wolf stole oj.??
  • when Mr. slokem gets to school and finds out than oj is missing and the only rubber chicken he sees is sunny D.!!
  • kids think they found the criminal.
  • ( only two of us could come to see if it is mrs wolf)(hey but at least we go picked.)(yhea)
  • mr.m and mr.slokem tells the kids that oj is missing and we have to find him.
  • mr.printen gets cought!!!!
  • those kids will never find oj,hahaha
  • trying to figer out who did it and why trying to brack it domw of people hoe did it.
  • we got the criminal but. thay dont if it is her becaus mr.prinsten is acting sus. turns out she was right all along...
  • its not me.
  • let me break it down so,i snuck out of class and i went to the office to see MR.Princen and i seen oj on the floor. i tryed to pick him up but he said''if you touch oj you will be suspended for a week and a half." so i had to go back to class before i was seen.
  • why did you steal oj uh
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