Parvana-Prison Scene
Updated: 5/18/2020
Parvana-Prison Scene

Storyboard Text

  • Release my Husband!
  • NO!
  • Parvana and her mother walked all the way to the prison where her father was keep, they planned to confront the soldiers to release him.
  • “Release him!” Parvana’s mother yelled at the soldier.
  • The soldier refused, and yelled back, “No!”.
  • She yelled again, “Release my husband!” And again, the soldier yelled back,”No!”
  • They we in rage, and started to beat her with sticks. It didn’t make a difference though because she kept yelling the same thing. So did Parvana.
  • Parvana also was getting beaten, until they left. Their bodies covered in injuries, feet are numb and can’t move properly, and are limping back home.