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Updated: 4/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • These two families servants' argue about which of their masters are better than the other. The Capulet servants pick the fight between the Montague servants and while that happens the prince threatens the family if they fight once more they will both die. Meanwhile Romeo talks about his love life to his dear friend and cousin Benvolio .
  • Our master is better
  • Are you thumbing your nose at us?
  • Capulet and Paris are arranging something so Paris can marry Capulet's daughter, Juliet. Romeo and Benvolio talk about Romeo's crush and then a server comes up and asks if one of the two could read. Fortunately Romeo could read and the servant invites the two to the Capulet's feast. Rosaline, Romeo's crush is in that guest list
  • Let's go to Capulet's feast!
  • I'll go to the party just to see rosaline
  • Lady Capulet is trying to prepare Juliet's marriage. Lady Capulet is talking about them an that Juliet is going to marry and it is a man called Paris who is part of the royal family although Juliet is not fourteen yet. The nurse is talking about when she was raising Juliet until the very beginning and now she's sad that she can't take care of her anymore.
  • Come down Juliet!
  • you're going to get married
  • what do you want mother?
  • She is a crow compared to others
  • Mercutio, Benvolio, and Romeo were all walking towards the party. Benvolio and Mercutio were trying to convince Romeo that there were many more beautiful women than the one he loved. Romeo tells that he had a dream about her than Mercutio goes on about a fairy that slips dreams up into your mind. 
  • Don't you talk to Rosaline like that
  • The fairy must have slipped into your dream
  • Three servants are trying to prepare the big party at Capulet's house while Capulet and his brother are talking about how long they haven't had fun for or danced. Capulet greets the people that enter while Benvolio Mercutio and Romeo enter in disguise.
  • Welcome everyone!
  • We got to be quick
  • I'm here and I'll take care of the dishes.
  • Where is the other guy
  • Romeo finds this woman called Juliet that is about his age dancing with another man and he quickly falls in love with her and decides to dance with her. He kisses her and they are very happy with each other until Romeo has to leave. Capulet's nephew Tybalt finds out a Montague is in the house and wants to kill him but Capulet tells him not to. Juliet finds out that Romeo is a Montague and realizes that she has fallen in love with the enemy.
  • No, we treat our guest with respect
  • Should I kill him uncle