Updated: 2/24/2021

Storyboard Text

  • French attack American ships
  • The French keep attacking our ships!
  • We should see what President John wants to do
  • The XYZ Affair
  • No, "Millions for offense but not one cent for tribute!"
  • Give us money if you want us to stop attacking your ships
  • President John Adams Response
  • It's been awhile, and we have now captured 80 of your ships in return. Let's stop this madness and move on
  • Ok
  • America decided to stay neutral during the French war against the British. France got upset because America signed a treaty with the British and claimed it violated the French - America treaty, so they attacked American trade ships out of anger
  • President John Adams was upset about this (for good reason) so he sent 3 ambassadors to talk to the French, but The French Ambassador refuses to speak to them, so he sends three unnamed spies to do his bidding and ask for money, shocked, the Ambassadors refused.
  • Adams had requested congress to vote to recruit an army to build ships for a Navy so they could launch a "half-war" on the French. They capture about 80 French ships before President Adams declares that this is enough fighting and bring peace to the seas again.