That one revlution
Updated: 12/18/2020
That one revlution

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  • The Anglos came
  • we finally found I perfect place!
  • Why do I have a feeling this is whats going to happen? oh well. lets party
  • I cant believe they took away our rights like that!
  • How dare that reporter!! the Mier Y reportHow dare that reporter!! the Mier Y report
  • he does know we can see him right
  • The law that killed everyone's mind.
  • NOOO!!
  • so this is the law of April 6th, so y'all immigrants cant come here anymore
  • hehehehheh..
  • There was really cheap land and people there were kind and welcoming so the anglos decided to move there because of the empresario contract let them.
  • The Travis letter
  • The Mexicans sent Mier Y Teran to texas for one year to report back what was happening down there in texas.
  • Constitutional Convention 1836
  • Now lets get to work on the government
  • Mexico was made that immigrants were coming over and building up texas with more people so they decided to create the law of april 6th.
  • Battle of San Jacinto
  • Travis called to get more reinforcements for help but it didn't help much so he wrote a letter out that showed everyone he had died.
  • good bye world, I hope that everything ive done helped...
  • "words that were inspirational"
  • they were trying to decide how the government was going to be in america and they had to be sworn to be silent so that they would not get caught talking about that.
  • Sam Houston launched a surprise attack near San Jacinto river where the Mexicans were defeated and many went to prison.
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