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Monkeys Paw
Updated: 8/24/2020
Monkeys Paw
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Storyboard Text

  • Mr. White lost to his son in chess while waiting for Sergeant-major Morris. Mrs. White was knitting
  • Sergeant-major Morris arrives and tells them about his time as a soldier. Most importantly about the monkeys paw. The family asks for it and after many warning the soldier gives in and lets them have it and leaves.
  • The family starts talking about what they should wish for, something sensible. Herbert suggests the father wish for 200 pounds and so he does but nothing happens
  • The day Herbert went to work someone from the company came to see Mr. and Mrs. White. He told them their son was dead but they would get quite a compensation because of the sons services which was 200 pounds...
  • Mrs. White has the "bright" idea to resurrect their son with the 2nd wish of the monkeys paw but Mr. White wasn't so sure if that was a good idea but Mrs. White made him do it anyway. Then they hear knocking at the door, which the possibilities of what it could be frightened Mr. White. but Mrs. White wanted to welcome their son back and tried to open the door.
  • Mr. White terrified of what was at the door, trying to save his wife and himself tried to find the paw. Both struggling with their objectives right as Mrs. White was about to open the door Mr. White finds the paw and uses its third and final wish. The knocking stopped as the door opened, they both saw nothing in front of the door or a head in the road.
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