Foundations of Democracy
Updated: 1/27/2020
Foundations of Democracy
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  • So if I give you money, you will give me protection, and protect my rights. If you fail to do that I can revolt?
  • That sounds fair. I will do it.
  • Yes indeed.
  • Social Contract
  • Excuse me miss can you explain to me the 4 Roles of Government
  • Sure. We have the military who protect the country, police officers like myself who keep order, we have things like the school you go to, to help our citizens, and we have laws to keep order inside the state, for example children under 14 cannot work.
  • Five Limitations of Government
  • Plus the citizens have given permission to be governed, and they have the right to vote, and citizens can use their vote to change the government.
  • Constitution Separation of power Consent of the governed Rights of the minority Rule of law
  • This means that the government has to follow the constitution, and give the citizens their rights and responsibilities. The government also has to divide power among the branches of government.
  • Five Limitations of Government
  • That makes a lot of sense
  • Constitution Separation of power Consent of the governed Rights of the minority Rule of law
  • Also rights of the minority protects the rights of small or unpopular groups, and it makes sure everyone is treated fairly. The Rule of Law makes sure laws are fair, enforced, and that nobody is above the law.
  • Five Limitations of Government
  • Equal Application of the law means that no one is above the law. Procedural fairness means that the government has rules for legal procedures. Access to Justice means that citizens have ways to enforce their rights.
  • Order and SecurityLegitimacyChecks and BalancesEqual Application of the LawProcedural FairnessAccess to Justice
  • Order and security means that citizens feel safe during daily activity, legitimacy means that citizens see the law as worth following. Checks and balances means that the power is divided among the branches of government,
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