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Updated: 1/19/2021
Unknown Story

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  • 3 is a good haul of fish I think I'll head back!
  • Adriel is a native american name meaning, "symbol of skill."
  • As the Native Americans Migrated across the Bering Straight following their food, Adriel finds a wooly mammoth and slays it for food.
  • Wow! that Wooly Mammoth really gave us a ton of food and skin to build homes out of!
  • As the Native Americans grew in knowledge and strength, their culture grew as well and they began to farm.
  • We've really produced a surplus of corn this year!
  • Even though the wooly mammoths had died off, the native americans continued to hunt, gather, and farm and were able to start a civilization.
  • YAAAAAAA!!!!(not yeah, YAH)