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Updated: 4/12/2021
Leverenz - IR Storyboard

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  • Life in the country with her family
  • Papa no! Wake up papa!
  • Moved to the city to work
  • This is your new home now, you will work for me.
  • Working in the chimney
  • It's so hard to breathe up here and the dirt is caked to my skin.
  • She was working out in the fields with her parents when all of the sudden, her father had a heart-attack and dropped to the ground. He didn't make it.
  • The bedroom in the attic
  • Since she both of her parents had died, she had no one to look after her and provide for her. Therefore, she moved to the city to work for the Jones Family as a chimney sweeper. Ms. Jones was very harsh and was not friendly to Bridget at all.
  • Walking home in the city
  • Cleaning the chimney was hard and unpleasant work for Bridget and she would come out of the chimney covered in soot and with a cough as well.
  • Moving to her new house 
  • Thank you Uncle Henry!
  • Welcome to your new home Bridget!
  • The sound of workers going to the factories would wake Bridget up in the morning very early. It was still pitch dark outside when men, women, and children trudged down the streets to the factories.
  • It is so early in the morning and yet I can hear the workers going to the factories.
  • As Bridget is walking home from the store, she can see and feel the thick layer of smog in the air from the factories. It had turned the lovely blue sky into a sad gray. She smells the smoke piping out of the factories in which workers slave in all day.
  • The smog is so thick in the air that the sky is gray. I can smell the smoke coming from the factories.
  • After searching for her since her parents died, a man named Henry, Bridget's father's brother, finally found Bridget and and took her to his home to live.