Annabel chapter 8
Updated: 3/3/2021
Annabel chapter 8

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Cherry! How's it going?
  • Hey guys...
  • We were just heading to the hospital to visit Johnny. You should join us! I bet Johnny would love to get a visit from you!
  • Uh... I don't think I would want to see Johnny
  • Why wouldn't you go see him? He is in severe pain.
  • Ponyboy and Two-bit Matthews walking in the abandoned parking lot and they see Cherry.
  • You really don't get it do you? His the murderer of Bob. I loved him.
  • You guys don't know Bob like I do! When he wasn't drunk he was nice! I miss him so much!
  • Ponyboy and Two-bit Matthews approach Cherry but she is looking sad
  • For some reason, Cherry doesn't want to go see Johnny.
  • We are really sorry Cherry.
  • *Crying*
  • Cherry doesn't want to go see Johnny because he was the killer of Bob.
  • Cherry says that Bob was a good person and she misses him.
  • Cherry cries because she loved Bob so much.