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The Odyssey Storyboard
Updated: 11/21/2020
The Odyssey Storyboard
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  • Coming back home
  • Natalia Bosone 2nd
  • Finally, there's land!
  • A new discovery
  • Lets wait a little bit for the owner of this cave and see if he can help us.
  • We should leave right now so we don't get caught in any trouble.
  • Trapped!
  • After fighting in the Trojan War, Odysseus and his men try to get back to Ithaca. They all have faced several challenges while trying to get back home. They soon arrive back to the land of the Cyclops and are all very hungry.
  • The plan
  • When Odysseus and his men get back to the island, they discovered a cave with sheep and milk in it. The men tell Odysseus to grab the food and quickly leave after, but Odysseus decided to stay a bit longer. A cyclops named Polyphemus and Poseidon's son eventually finds Odysseus and his men there.
  • The plan in action
  • Help! Nobody is killing me!!
  • When Polyphemus, the cyclops and Poseidon's son finds Odysseus and his men, the cyclops gets out of control. Polyphemus ate 2 of Odysseus' men, and then Poseidon's son captured Odysseus and the remainder of his men as well to be eaten later.
  • The escape
  • While the men and Odysseus were captured, Odysseus came up with a plan to stab Polyphemus' eye and blind him. The men agreed with Odysseus' plan and helped Odysseus create a sharp object. To create it they sharpened a piece of wood with fire while the cyclops was out of sight.
  • Once Polyphemus came back, he asked what Odysseus' name was. Odysseus replied with the word "Nothing" to make Polyphemus think that's his name. Odysseus then stabs Polyphemus and he screamed out "Nobody is killing me!" so that no one comes to save him.
  • Now that Polyphemus is blind, Odysseus and his men can escape. They could've killed Polyphemus if they wanted to, but they decided not to because they would get trapped in the cave since no one could open it besides Polyphemus. So when Polyphemus lets out his sheep, Odysseus and his me escape.
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