Math Holiday Homework (Integers) By Aathira Hariprakash
Updated: 7/21/2020
Math Holiday Homework (Integers) By Aathira Hariprakash
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  • 1st Example -
  • Yes, There is. In general, negative integers represent decreasing or downwards movement, or to the left (in relation to the number line). If we are describing a car slowing down for a stop sign, its acceleration is represented with a negative value because its speed is decreasing. If you were digging a hole, your depth could be represented using negative integers.
  • Good Morning Tina. How are you?
  • Mom, is there any relation between Math and going down?
  • I hope your doubt is cleared. Now, we need to go to the doctor. Tommy is ill.
  • Ok mom!
  • 2nd Example -
  • At the doctors,
  • Yes. A common example of negative integer usage is the thermometer. Thermometers are similar to number lines, but vertical. They have positive integers above zero and negative integers below zero. Commonly, people recognize a temperature of -25°C as cold. People use this number system to measure and represent the temperature of the air. Also, if it -23°C outside, and the temperature drops 3 degrees, what is temperature now? -26°C.
  • Doctor, is there any connection between the temperature of the human body and mathematics?
  • 3rd Example -
  • After the hospital visit -
  • Ok mom.
  • Come dears, let's go. I need to withdraw some money from the bank.
  • At the bank.Tina's mom withdraws the money. Then:-
  • Yes. Banks and credit unions frequently use negative integers. Negative integers can be used to represent debits and positive integers represent credits. It is easy to see how banks and credit unions use positive and negative integers to show whether money is being put into an account or taken out.
  • Ma'am, is there any relation between Banks and Math in real life?
  • Thank You So Much!
  • Back at home -
  • Thank You!This Story Board is created by Aathira HariprakashGrade 7 F
  • That is very good dear. If we know how to use these things properly we can use them in our daily life to make things easier.
  • You know Mom; Today I learnt a lot.
  • Yes I agree Mom!
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