The Boy With A Catapult (Multiple Assessment)
Updated: 6/15/2020
The Boy With A Catapult (Multiple Assessment)
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  • Behind my house there is a big room. This room has become a haunt of pigeons. The floor of the room is littered with feathers, bird droppings, broken eggs, and bits of straw from the nests.
  • Being far from the city my friends seldom came to visit me. The only exception was Bodh Raj. He found it good hunting ground.
  • My mother did not approve of my friendship with Bodh Raj.Once, she said to me;
  • “If your friend is so fond of destroying nests tell him to clean our store-room. The birds have made it very filthy.”
  • You are very kind to animals. I didn’t suggest he should kill the birds. He can remove the nests without harming them.”
  • “You said it’s cruel to destroy nests.”
  • We both sat in our favorite place and my mom explained;
  • See, my dear son, I have brought you up well , I have taught you the fruit of kindness. But dear, some people in this world have never seen kindness, like Bodh raj, he has been through bad. This is why he always thinks of revenge.
  • Oh i see. But some of my classmates ask me, why are you so kind to the animals and people? i just love being kind. if not for me then the parrot that fell from the tree last week could have died.
  • Tell your friends ; Kindness gives meaning to our lives. Kindness isn’t flashy. It doesn’t get reported on in print or tv as much as violence, war, and depression. And in spite of these things, because of kindness humans keep evolving. 
  • Mom, i love animals but my friends shouldn't necessarily be kind. what can i tell them to follow?
  • Thank you so much mom!!
  • We can talk to lonely people. We can bring clothes and shoes to a poor person. We can arrange for the food and water for the animals. Now go to Bodh Raj and tell him to come. Now you know what to say when someone asks you why are you kind and what to do to become kind. Just remember, do everything with your willing heart and smile!!
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