Perfect Verse Novel project
Updated: 1/15/2020
Perfect Verse Novel project
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  • Emily Andrews
  • PerfectBy: Ellen Hopkins
  • "I never would have expected Conner to take the coward's way out, though."(Hopkins 3).
  • Your brother has ruined my floor! He might ruin my reputation!
  • "I will marry that girl one day." (Hopkins 75)
  • "If I had any idea what love was, I might be able to tell the depth of his feelings."(Hopkins 51).
  • Are you okay?
  • "Love? What dark little recess of my brain did that word creep out of?"(Hopkins 106)
  • Cara is a high achieving and athletic Stanford bound high school senior. She is not these things out of her own free will. Her mother is flawless and want her kids to be too. The pressure leads her brother to try suicide. He survives and is sent to a mental hospital.
  • Cara has a boyfriend named Sean. He loves her and finds her to be perfect. He loves her so much that he worked super hard to get into Stanford too. Cara isn't sure if what she feels for him is really love though.
  • One day Cara decides to go snowboarding and goes down a rough route. She falls and gets covered by snow. A girl named Dani finds her and saves her life. Cara feels something she's never felt before and kisses Dani.
  • When Cara is sure that what she feels for Dani is love she leaves Sean. Sean is heartbroken and starts stalking Cara. He takes some inappropriate pictures of her and shares them with everyone in their circle. Cara calls the cops and files a restraining order.
  • After coming out to her parents and admitting to her mother that she can't be the "perfect" daughter she wants her to be, Cara feels almost free. Suddenly they are told her brother walks off a cliff during a trip with his recovery group, the book ends with his funeral.
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