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Neolothic Comic Assignment
Updated: 3/8/2020
Neolothic Comic Assignment
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  • PALEOLITHIC-Shelter & Clothing
  • Hi I'm Jack. This is my shelter, I live in a cave.
  • We are live in a small nomadic groups.
  • PALEOLITHIC-Food & Tools
  • We mainly eat meat, and we have to work very hard to find it.
  • Hi, I'm Jack. I live in a cave and I will not live in one cave forever because we need to move from place to place to get food. Our clothing is made primarily of fur because sometimes the weather is cold, we need to cloth to stay warm.
  • NEOLITHIC-Shelter & Clothing
  • Hi, I'm James. This is my house, mud bricks supported by timber.
  • We are a tribal society, with older people controlling the entire family. We have no private property, everyone is equal. Our population density is very low, just have some nomadic groups.
  • NEOLITHIC-Society
  • I have a lot of food and livestock, and I am the richest person here
  • We live by hunting, and we are always changing places to find food. We spend most of our time for finding food. The weapons and tools we use are made of stone or wood, they are unprocessed.
  • NEOLITHIC-Food & Tools
  • We have a permanent home and it made from mud and wood. We use animal bones and natural dyes to decorate and dye clothes, make it beautiful. We are able to make fabric using linen and wool.
  • We have some food left every day. The society has military and religious leaders, and people with more food and livestock are leaders. Land, tools, and livestock are personal property.
  • Farming and herding are ways we get food. We have sharpened weapons that can be used to defend against enemies and kill animals.
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