Myth of Persephone (1-8)
Updated: 3/9/2020
Myth of Persephone (1-8)
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  • hanging out with friends
  • yeah i heard that too
  • haha, omg did you hear what he said...
  • yeah that was crazy
  • Persephone falling into the ground
  • mom crying franticly
  • Demeter sitting near by, Persephone and her friends talk and share secrets while gathering purple crocuses before Persephone went to grab another crocuses and the ground split in half.
  • waking up in the underworld
  • Persephone falling into the underworld after she picks up a crocuses and shes very frightened.
  • Demeter found town of Eleusis and temple was built in her honor
  •  Demeter crying franticly after the ground split in half and swollowed persephone and demeter became depressed because she could not find persephone anywhere on earth or heaven. demeter being depressed over her daughter caused all the plants wither and die all around her.
  • Zeus and Demeter finding Persephone happy in the underworld
  • Persephone waking up to the gods golden chariot whisking her of her feet, Persephone was terrified, she also realized she was going to go into the underworld and her screams were lost as she was getting taken there.
  • Demeter kept looking for her Persephone everywhere and her depression caused her to age. 4 young girls then found demeter and since she looked old they took her into their home and for a reward demeter attempted to offer the familys son immortatily and after the mom saw her son in flames she kicked demeter out then she exposed her true self and the family was forgived by building a temple in her honor and teach the world about her secret to immortality.
  • Demeter demanded Zeus to find Persephone and they finally found her in the underworld and were surprised to see persephone radient and striking as the queen of the dead. as much as persephone loved her mother she found her calling and she was in charge of greeting new arrivals and helping them adapt to their new life, and persephone liked being in the underworld by hades side and didnt want to leave.
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