Updated: 2/17/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Process
  • Joel owns his own business. He wakes up at 6 am everyday to sit at a desk and sell wood once in a while. The pandemic made sales so low it got to the point he couldn't help but not pay himself.
  • Product
  • Eventually he spends his days searching, trying to sell, and communicating with people but no luck. Eventually he doesn't know what his goal is anymore.
  • Others
  • His employees get angry and bored. He gets to the point he is constantly searching for a new employee but they continue to quit.
  • Self
  • His work follows him home and doesn't know how to disconnect the 2 in order to be present with his family. It affects his relationships and happiness.
  • False consciousness
  • I don't want to wake up early again just to go to work. But that's life and the bills won't pay themselves.
  • Class consciousness
  • Life doesn't have to be boring! I can make a change today and start doing something I love.