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Updated: 7/29/2020
Unknown Story

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  • The landform known as the three sisters were formed by erosion
  • Erosion is formed over time when winds, weathering and waves of sea water crash onto the enviroment in which case the three sisters
  • The three sisters is a lanform, created slwowly by erosion.Geomorphology is the study of studiying how and when the landform was made.
  • The earth's surface is made up of tetonic plates. These tetonic plates move and sometimes collide creating underwater volcaneoes, continents and earthquakes. Because of faults, faults are cracks in the layers of the earth cause underwater volcanoes and etc.. .
  • When we alter with nature for example pollution and global warming it can affect the enviroment making it a landscape.
  • When are making a new town, place or city we it is called urbanisation. Which is a geographical proccess
  • There are many places on earth that are that are special like the great barrier reef in Australia