The Adventuress of Jacques Cartier (part two)
Updated: 12/15/2020
The Adventuress of Jacques Cartier (part two)

Storyboard Text

  • Haha!
  • Upon arriving in North America, he encountered First Nations People. Cartier was concerned that the King would be upset if he returned to France empty handed. So he simply decided to kidnap Donnacona's Two Sons.
  • When he came back to France, The King was very impressed and sent Cartier on a second Voyage.
  • No! Come back here!
  • In Cartier's second voyage, him and his men travelled further into Canada using the St. Lawrence River. On his journey, he went up all the way to Stadacona. This is where Cartier and his crew would be the first Europeans to spend the harsh cold Winter in Canada.
  • Lets go men!
  • Yes!
  • Amazing Job Jacques!
  • As time went on, Jacques Cartier's voyages allowed him to claim the land that would later on be known as Canada
  • Thank You you're Majesty.