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Updated: 3/9/2021
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Storyboard Text

  • Sparkles what's your real name?
  • If we keep talking the hall monitor is going to give us a waring
  • Flame
  • And they call me weird
  • Actually it's Sam
  • Your secret is safe with me Sam
  • This is the start of the window moment in which before going to their respective classes Blade asks Sam what her real name is and at the end of the corridor Sam sees the hall monitor that is about 5 seconds away from giving them a warning
  • In the middle of the moment, Sam tells Blade that her name is Flame and Blade responds with the way you can see above the description and the hall monitor gives them their first and second warning
  • At the end of this window moment and also at the end of this story Sam corrects Blade and tells her, her real name. This is really important because Sam has not corrected someone in almost a year, and to finally end the story and the window moment Sam say's "Sick" and this time she is not whipering