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Updated: 11/22/2019
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  • Unit 17 Lesson 1 Cells
  • Every living thing is made up of cells. Non-livingthings are not made up of cells. Some of the living things are made up of one cell only! Plants and animals are both made of many different type of cells that are called multicellular organisms. Living things that are made up of one cell are called unicellular organisms. Microscopes have the lenses that can magnify small objects. There are about 5 different kind of lenses.
  • Lenses sizes 10x 40x 100x 400x
  • Unit 17 Lesson 3Cell Death
  • Question: What happens when a cell dies?Answer: The damages that happen is that the animal, human stops breathing, the heart stops, the blood stops flowing, and oxygen and sugar can't reach the cell so, the cell stops working. Question: Why is it important that someone receives CPR after they stop breathing. Answer: Its is really important for you to give or someone to receive CPR because they can supply their cell with enough oxygen to breath again.
  • Unit 17 Lesson 4Viruses
  • Crystal, please explain to the class what a virus is please.
  • Yes, a virus is a tiny structure that is surrounded by a fat protein capsule. In order, for the virus to survive, it must enter a cell. Whenever, it wants to reproduce it uses the cells' molecules and energy. A virus is also considered non-living since, it cannot duplicate or use food for energy. A virus can be seen with an electron microscope.
  • In this zingy lesson, I learned all about cells. I learned that all living organisms are made up of cells and non-living organisms are not made of cells. Some organisms are only made of one cell! I also learned that I can observe any organism through microscope.
  • In this zingy lesson, I learned what happens when a cell dies. I learned all the damages that happen whenever a cell stops working/ dies. I also learned how important it is to give someone CPR because they can supply enough oxygen in order to breath.
  • In this zingy lesson I learned all about viruses. I learned what a virus needs to do in order to survive and what it needs to survive. I also learned that a virus is considered non-living and can be seen through a microscope.