Cyber bullying

Updated: 10/1/2021
Cyber bullying

Storyboard Text

  • Some kids online are being mean to me constantly and i don't know who they are!
  • Whats wrong Dave?
  • Whats cyber bullying?
  • That sounds like cyber bullying
  • Cyber bullying is when someone uses technology to bully a person by sending threatening texts or something and they can then remain anonymous if they so chose.
  • Oh that makes sense, how do i make them stop
  • Ok, ill try blocking them and telling an adult about it now, thanks for the advice.
  • Some ways to make them stop is to block and report them or tell a trusted adult about it cause your not alone, if it is serious enough you can get the police involved but that's only for bad cases.
  • Sure!
  • No problem, do you want to know some places to go to if you need more help or if you want to refer another person to a website that helps.
  • Thanks for all your help Sally!
  • Here is a good website to go to And here is a number you can call if you need to talk to someone who understands and isnt your parent,1-800-273-8255