Protestant reformation
Updated: 12/17/2020
Protestant reformation

Storyboard Text

  • Are you criticizing the church?!
  • N-no!!
  • Indulgences
  • This is not right!
  • 95 theses
  • Many were afraid to voice criticisms. The church could easily put them on trial and if found guilty could have huge consequences.
  • You've been printing it?! You will be severely punished!
  • Martin Luther saw indulgences being sold to so many. He was not happy with this and had to do something.
  • You can't find me!
  • He posted his 95 theses condemning the sale of indulgences on the church doors.
  • This was then spread from the printing press. The Pope threatened Luther with excommunication.
  • It did not work, and instead, he burned the letter the Pope sent. For this, he was arranged to be kidnapped and had to go into hiding.
  • While in hiding, Luther translated the Bible into German and had created the protestant faith.
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