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Federalist vs Antifederalist
Updated: 9/22/2020
Federalist vs Antifederalist
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  • hey, what did you guys think about that anti federalist and federalist?
  • Brutus says in excerpt[ 3 the national government has more power over any other section which may only cause people to follow them.
  • well, James Maddison says in Federalist 45 excerpt 4, that only certain powers are given to national government, they work on things international while the state government still has the power to do what's best for their state.
  • Brutus says as we grow as a country , the politicians will not be able to represent everyone in or to least come to an agreement
  • well, if we had a small group, it would be easy to agree on things and and choose the majority vote over what is best for the people
  • The constitution never speaks on the peoples rights and protections
  • The statement "WE THE PEOPLE" clearly shows that this government is created and working with the consent of the people.
  • I think that I am a federalist because, I think that we definitely need diversity compared to the anti federalist.
  • I also think that the federalists are being fair with the sharing of power, letting the States over take things for where they live while the national government takes care of the bigger international issues
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