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Ellie the Elf
Updated: 9/7/2020
Ellie the Elf
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  • Ellie the Elf 
  • Created by MJ Justiniano
  • Today is so peaceful to take a long nap. I'll take a nap before I head back to the village.
  • Narrator : "Ellie is a 117 year old elf, let us begin to see her story unfold."Action: 7 seconds - Fade in from blackFx: Happy Music plays
  • Action: 7 seconds- fade in from blackFx: - Wind breeze noise- birds chirping
  • Narrator : "Ellie suddenly hears a big explosion at the village. Ellie quickly jumps and heads to village island."Action: 7 seconds- slides in from last sceneFx: - explosion noise and people yelling from afar
  • Ellie : "OH NO!, the Goblin King has attacked the village. Mom is injured, I have to go save her from the king!"Action : 8 seconds- slides in from last sceneFX: people crying and yelling for help noise
  • Narrator : " Ellie begins to activate her powers, she jumps in to clash swords with the Goblin King."Action : 7 seconds - slides in from last sceneFX : sword clashes noise
  • Ellie: " There will be no more evil Goblin King! I will be your new elf queen!Action: 7 seconds- fades from blackFX: cheering noises from elf village and birds chirping
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