Updated: 1/27/2021

Storyboard Text

  • This is about the time one of my kids plagiarized an assignment
  • I also had a peer review the same day so I knew this was worst time to have this happen
  • How can I make this a part of my lesson, so I can show these kids they could be expelled for something like this, but without scaring them..
  • You showed you had expectations for your students. Also the laughing moment allowed for a level of comfortability with the students. good job!!
  • I added the plagiarized paper to my google slide, without the student's name. I then showed the kids the hyperlink in the middle of one of the paragraphs to show proof that it wasn't the students wording.
  • We all shared a laugh at a "world's dumbest criminal caught in 4k" joke but it allowed for this to be discussed openly and it became a vital part of our lesson. My peer even found this part entertaining but useful.
  • oh, wow! A shining moment