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French Revolution Part 2
Updated: 11/14/2019
French Revolution Part 2
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  • King Louis XVI builds chateau at Versailles (1680)
  • King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are in power French government is broke and people are starving (1774)
  • King Louis calls meeting of the Estates General (1789)
  • This is were the king is building the most finest palace for him and his wife to live in. it was covered in gold paint. Actual gold and the most expensive/finest jewelry to put every where in rooms.
  • Third Estate walks out of the meeting of the Estates General and agrees to meet alone on the tennis court (1789)
  • The king spent too much money on wars. He tried to find ways to lower the crisis that's facing his country. Another thing that adds up to the debt his his wife Marie Antoinette. She loved fine things and never really cared about the poor.
  • oath of the tennis court is taken and the National Assembly writes "The Declaration of the Rights of Man"(1789)
  • He called a special meeting to take about the crisis, the king hoped that they would vote for putting more money into the taxes for his crisis to quickly end.
  • French peasants storm the Bastille(1789)
  • They walked out to meet on the tennis court, and formed the national assembly. The members also swore the "Oath of the Tennis Court," promising to write a constitution to France. Afterwords the revolution begun.
  • While the members declared themselves the National Assembly of France they swore that the oath of the tennis court would write a constitution to France as promised. The members were hopeful enough for the king to go along with them for that the national assembly would say that he would not be there rightful ruler of France.
  • The crowd demanded the governor to give them cannons and other guns. in the confusion of the battle breaking out. then they surged into the Bastille killing the governor and soldiers, and as well as some other officials.
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