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Galaxy Girls
Updated: 9/27/2019
Galaxy Girls
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  • Once upon a time there were three sisters that had been separated from their tribe. Atepa was the eldest . Aponi was the middle child. The youngest sisters name was Catori. They had gotten lost in the woods. Little did they know a great wolf was stalking them.
  • They wandered through the woods. Atepa wandered off to look for firewood. As she was collecting firewood she heard scream. She ran towards it and Catoro was gone. Aponia exclaimed a large wolf took her.
  • They searched for her the whole next day until it was dark. They decided to sleep in a tree. Atepa awoke to the sunrising and found no sign of Aponi.
  • The next day Atepa prayed to the great spirit and received visions. She envisioned an open meadow with her siters trapped in a cage. She saw the wolf sleeping peacefully by them.
  • Atepa found her sisters as she had imagined. She prayed to the great spirit. Atepa used all her might to throw a stone. It struck the beast in the head and killed the beast.
  • Atepa freed her sisters from the cage. The were always more careful after that. They lived happily ever after.
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