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Updated: 3/28/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Danial is doing the dishes while his mom's boyfriends is smoking.
  • Danial Complains about the Dishes.
  • I hate doing the dishes.
  • Danial asks Jeff why he's still doing the dishes.
  • Because you complain.
  • Why am I still doing dishes?
  • "My mother’s then boyfriend instilled a loathing of that task by making me scrub the Teflon off a cookie sheet, believing that it was grease, while he sat on the couch and smoked cigarettes."
  • Danial and the Pizza Hut staff going rafting together.
  • "I hated every minute I spent on dish duty, and I wasn’t afraid to let everyone around me know it."
  • Jeff sends Danial home to apply for college before it's too late.
  • Manager: JeffMake Table: Danial Doug DougDishes: Doug
  • "I asked Jeff when I could do something different. “Do you know why you’re still doing dishes?” he asked. “Because you keep complaining about it.” Nobody likes to work with a complainer, he said."
  • Jeff and Danial continue to meet up where they have lunch together.
  • "We had all-day staff parties that started with rafting trips and ended with dinner and movies."
  • " He opened a drawer and took out an overnight envelope. He told me to stop what I was doing, leave work and send the application immediately. I protested about the expense of overnight postage."
  • What about the overnight fee?
  • Go home, and send the application.
  • "I have kept in touch with Jeff over the years. We usually meet for lunch when I’m in town. Sometimes we even have pizza."