Breanna- The prince and the Pauper
Updated: 1/29/2020
Breanna- The prince and the Pauper
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  • Exposition
  • Let's switch lives for a bit!
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • There will be the crowning of the prince of Westminster tomorrow!
  • The king has died..
  • In the beginning of the story we meet the prince and the pauper (TOM). Tom is a very poor little boy so the prince decides to switch lives with him to see what its like.
  • Falling Action
  • While the boys are switched, the prince's father dies, which leads to the prince getting crowned; but sine they switched lives the pauper is getting crowned while the real prince is not.
  • Resolution
  • The prince is with Miles, whose helping him not get himself in trouble while hes claiming be to the prince while dressed as the pauper. The prince hears about how his father died and how the pauper who people think is the prince is now getting crowned.
  • Theme
  • be YOURSELF!
  • At the crowing the pauper confessed to not being the prince and explained how they switched lives.
  • I am not the real prince of Westminster I am just a simple pauper.
  • They all forgive each other and then they decide to help out the pauper from his poor family and then they crown the REAL prince.
  • The theme is to be yourself not someone else because if you don't be yourself it might turn out bad!
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