Brynn Hughes' AoC Comic
Updated: 1/15/2021
Brynn Hughes' AoC Comic

Storyboard Text

  • The Articles of Confederation was a weak form of federal government that was created during the American Revolution. The AoC was considered a league of friendship between the states because power was primarily held by the state government. The founders created a gov't like this because they were tired and din't want a form of government like the British.
  • I presented and wrote the first AoC in 1775!
  • The Articles of Confederation was weak because only state governments could collect taxes. This meant the national government was unable to collect funds which lead to inflation. The national government was printing their own form of money but they were printing too much which made the money lose value.
  • Can we please have some money?
  • I'm sorry but no.
  • Another weakness of the Articles of Confederation was that 9 out of the 13 states had to approve a law before it could be passed. It was difficult for the states to agree the majority of the time so laws were extremely difficult to pass.
  • No I don't agree, this doesn't suit my state!
  • The Northwest Ordinance was created under the Articles of Confederation as a way for new states to be formed and join the union. When a territory reached 5,000 free males they would elect a territorial legislature and send a non-voting delegate to the Congress. When the population reached 60,000 free males it would submit a state constitution and become a state in the Union.
  • I am so glad we can expand our territory now and create new states!
  • As a result of the Northwest Ordinance, settlers in the Northwest Territory were given the right of trial by jury. Slavery was also outlawed in the Northwest Territory.
  • You cannot arrest me on your opinion alone, I deserve the right of trial by jury
  • Farmers in Massachusetts were in excessive debt after the American Revolution and being thrown in debtors prison so they formed Shay's Rebellion. Shay's Rebellion rebelled against the Massachusetts courts by marching to an arsenal to get weapons, closing county courthouses, and marching to the capitol to protest. Because the AoC was in place, it was proven how weak the form of government was because congress was unable to stop the protesters.
  • Taxes are too high! Debtors prison is unfair.
  • Don't take away our land!
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