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Updated: 6/12/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The first day : Samantha gets bullied online.
  • Samantha, Your so bad at this game! Gavin can beat you.
  • NO i'm not. He can't beat me.( crying)
  • I know right !lol
  • The second day: Samantha gets bullied even more!
  • oOoOo Gavin look whos playing , can't even pick out the right card.
  • STOP IT! Stop bulling me. You guys are are awful
  • OMG, lol shes awful at this game.
  • The third day: Samantha needs help from Aliya.
  • Some one needs to help me, I cant be bullied every single day. Lets see if my friend Aliya can help me, but fist i'm going to my room.
  • Samantha got so sad because she got bullied online by, Norah and gavin.The fourth day : Samantha gets help from Ailya.
  • ya I can help U, I have a idea lets post on social media that online bulling is mean, and one they see that post they will say sorry.
  • Aylia I need help from you, i'm getting bullied by Norah and Gavin. Can you pls help me.
  • The second day when Samantha played a game, Norah and Gavin just poped up and started saying even more rude things.
  • Fifth day: Samantha and Ailya post it on social media.
  • Np I will also post on social media.
  • Samantha is going to call Aliya, so she can have some help because she doesn't want to bullied every day!
  • The sixth day: They all become friends!
  • we are so sorry Samanntha we saw your post on social media and pls forgiveus. your so good at playing these games can u teach us?
  • Ailya is helping Samantha and she's giving her some ideas.
  • Samantha likes the idea and they both post it on social media.
  • Thats a good idea, thanks Aliya I can also do that right now!
  • Samantha,Gavin and Noriah become friends qand play vidoe games together.
  • Thanks, Its fine of course I can teach you guys!
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