Allison Shalata- Refusal Comic
Updated: 2/19/2021
Allison Shalata- Refusal Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Say No
  • Hey, you should vape with us!!
  • No, I don't wanna
  • Tell why not / Offer Other ideas
  • What a baby!
  • Im not a baby, but vaping is bad for your lungs. why don't we just go to class
  • Promptly Leave
  • Im never going to touching on of those deadly things!!
  • Just do it! I have a extra
  • Kimmy walked into the girls bathroom at school and her friends were vaping. They asked if she wanted to vape to but she said no.
  • Kimmy hates vaping because she's scared of people getting lung cancer. She would rather go back to class instead.
  • Kimmy gets mad and just walks away!