religion project
Updated: 1/14/2021
religion project

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  • mum? there is a huge party at the pattersons on friday, can i go?
  • you can go only if there are parents around, understood?
  • yeah yeah, of course there will be parents
  • no no that was last week maybe you got the dates wrong
  • oh my goodness. why is her face like that? she knows i am lying
  • really? because i heard the pattersons were out of town, all week
  • yes i will mom! thank your the best
  • ok, your dad will drop you right after school. but please be responsible
  • bye hun ill pick you up at 9
  • dad, i lied to you and mom. there are no parents at this party. i felt guilty the whole car ride here. I thought i should tell you the truth
  • yes i know thats why i didn't think it was right to go in. ill just tell kenzie that i cant make it.
  • do you know how dangerous it is to have no parents in a house full of kids?
  • thanks dad
  • but i am glad you told the truth. you learned a really good lesson today
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