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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/19/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Exposition (Chapter 1)
  • Ugh Alex why do you have to be here.
  • Inciting Incident (Chapter 2)
  • uh ohhh
  • Rising Action Event (Chapter 3)
  • Ahhhhh
  • Yayyy so fun!
  • What have I done
  • In the exposition we get introduced to the setting River town or more importantly Black water river. The characters Brodie and Alex were introduced and they headed down to the river to teach Alex how to swim. Keep in mind Brodie did not want Alex to come to River town.
  • Rising Action Event (Chapter 4)
  • Brodie thought it was a good idea to pull Pauline's legs that were hanging front he toadstool which led Pauline to fall into the river. Otis and Pauline were yelling and Otis was so worried he got into the river to help while Brodie felt bad and scared. Now Otis and Pauline are in the river because of Brodie,
  • Rising Action Event (Chapter 5)
  • Im so sorry Brodie
  • Brodie and Hank had to go into the river "safely" to see if they could find Otis and Pauline. Hank was swimming and then had an idea to tie a rope to each other and go into the river and then Clem would pull them back. Brodie was scared. He also had his head busted open and was bleeding and showed it to the cops when they arrived
  • Rising Action Event (Chapter 6)
  • We found these things on the river
  • Brodie got into the car with his parents and had to go to get his head checked out. He couldnt stop thinking about all the medical care that wasat the river and how they would find 2 dead bodies...he also couldnt keep what happened in his mouth so he tried telling his parents but they were too worried about everything else.
  • Brodies family told him that they found Pauline but she wasn't alive. Pauline is dead and they are still trying to find Otis saying there is still hope but all Brodie knows is that hope is no where to be found unless its a miracle
  • Raul,one of the sheriffs came to check up on Brodie to see how he was doing after Paulines death and Otis's missing body. He asked Alex if he has ever seen these items he said no and so did Brodie. They were thinking either people hid them and them found them or Otis and Pauline hid then..something mysterious is happening.
  • Never seen them
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