AJ-COMIC (Offline lesson 8th Feb)
Updated: 2/9/2021
AJ-COMIC (Offline lesson 8th Feb)

Storyboard Text

  • 1. Let’s go Bety, we will go to the shopping, we going to shopsome clothes.
  • 5. Yougot caught up in "special offers", are you normal? At least goshopping in a store with a Czech brand to support the Czechia.
  • 2. OMG, girls will go to the shoping once again, after all, youhave a lot.
  • 9. Don'tworry boys!10. Sure, we definitely agree.
  • 3. It’snot true, i totally disagree.
  • 4. The girls like to buy some new clothes in the wardrobe andthere are "special offers".
  • 6. Don'tworry, absolutely agree with you.
  • 7. And goingto you shop online? I think it's better to go try it, do you agree Alex?
  • 8. Yes, itotally agree